Big updates to the eBay Fee Calculator for 2021! In this post, we showcase new features and explain how 3Dsellers’ eBay calculator is so accurate!

Why is it important to pay attention to eBay item pricing?

Your eBay listing price impacts earnings, and earnings impact business growth!

Calculating the right eBay selling price is essential for running a successful eBay business.

You need to know that your sales will be profitable and minimize any loss. To do this, you’ll need to calculate how much your eBay selling costs will affect your bottom line to get an accurate profit estimate.

Is it hard to calculate eBay fees and selling prices?

Pricing eBay listings based on the price you paid for an item…

In recent months, a lot has changed with eBay and PayPal fees, so we’ve also made big changes to our eBay Fee Calculator!

Our new updates include how eBay Managed Payment fees are calculated, new PayPal fees, and new eBay calculator features!

3Dsellers eBay Software platform Feature Updates thumbnail main image

Great news! We’ve implemented your ideas into many new features (as always!) to improve your eBay business! Today’s update highlights new abilities in three of our most popular eBay tools: eBay Listings Manager, Listing Designer, and the eBay Customer Service tool. 😃

Thank you so much for all your contributions! We’d love it if you click here to vote and make requests for the features your business needs. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

📰 Listings Manager Updates

3Dsellers eBay Listings Manager continues to be one of our most valued eBay tools. It’s our mission to make sure you have all the abilities…

Thank you again for all the great suggestions! We‘ve implemented new features for the eBay Listings Manager to help you and your team manage and create listings efficiently!

New Filter: ifSEO is applied to an item

We know that eBay SEO is important to eBay listings, which is why we provide extra SEO tools to help you make the most of your marketing strategy.

Now, you can view which listings have 3Dsellers SEO applied and which listings do not by applying the new SEO filter:

Thank you once again for all the great feedback! We‘ve heard your requests and released new filters for eBay orders (and eBay items) to help you and your team find the listings and transactions you need fast!

Multiple Items — Orders Filter

Each order in the Orders Manager is a transaction for one item. If there are multiple items in one order, they will appear as separate rows in your orders table.

Now, you can view only orders where the buyer purchased multiple items with the Multiple Items filter.

This is a great way to check for items that can be shipped together and add…

Our team is continually improving 3Dsellers’ eBay tools from your requests! Your eBay business success is our priority and we love creating the features you need.

We’ve implemented two new features to help your team process priority eBay orders and bulk-update eBay listing SKUs!

New Orders Filter: Shipping Service

Do you process eBay orders with priority shipping first?

It may help boost your eBay Seller Status to start doing it!

Why does it help? eBay’s AI is very smart and could be watching how long it takes you to add tracking to priority shipping items. 🕵️

Now, with 3Dsellers eBay Orders Manager, you can create…

Thank you so much for sharing with us what your business needs from our platform! We’ve made a few updates to our tools from your requests to help improve your eBay business workflow!

Customer Service: eBay Order Details Link — View on eBay or 3Dsellers

Providing excellent customer service to your eBay buyers is one of the most important parts of being an eBay seller. To make the process easier, our Customer Service tool includes a details panel with all the order and buyer information in every conversation.

Sometimes, you may want to view the order on eBay instead of 3Dsellers. …

eBay logo on laptop screen on desk with nature background

Do you want to dive into the digital world, become a successful eBay seller, and achieve your financial independence? If you’ve been searching for info on how to do this, you’ve probably noticed all the different eBay teachers and instructors out there, making it challenging to decide on which course to take.

So we’ve analyzed and reviewed the most popular and sought-after, top 10 eBay courses designed by top-rated eBay sellers and leading marketing gurus so you can compare the benefits before deciding which one is right for you.

What will you need for these eBay courses?

You will need…

Disclaimer: This article was originally published by me on the blog:

Retail fashion is a highly competitive industry to be advertising in, with global annual revenue of $2.5 trillion and an overproduction rate of 30–40% each season!

Since the global pandemic, consumers are shopping online almost exclusively and the competition has only grown. Therefore, there has never been a better time to invest in quality ad creatives that will increase your brand awareness, customer loyalty, and of course, sales.

Branded creatives

It is safe to say that branding is a #1 recognition factor in the fashion industry, which should come across…

This article was written by Tom who is a 3Dsellers user, I worked with him to prepare it for publication on the 3Dsellers Blog:

A typical mistake many new eBay sellers make is underestimating the impact of eBay seller fees on the profit they will make. Typically, they will calculate the 10% of eBay final value fee, their postage costs, product costs and use that to create their selling prices. This can be a dramatic error and potentially lead to tiny margins or even a loss of profits.

When I was first starting out on eBay, I made the mistake…

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