New eBay Selling Tool Features | Filter by Shipping Service — Find & Replace eBay SKUs!


Our team is continually improving 3Dsellers’ eBay tools from your requests! Your eBay business success is our priority and we love creating the features you need.

Feature update for eBay seller tools on the 3Dsellers eBay selling platform

We’ve implemented two new features to help your team process priority eBay orders and bulk-update eBay listing SKUs!

New Orders Filter: Shipping Service

Do you process eBay orders with priority shipping first?

It may help boost your eBay Seller Status to start doing it!

Why does it help? eBay’s AI is very smart and could be watching how long it takes you to add tracking to priority shipping items. 🕵️

Now, with 3Dsellers eBay Orders Manager, you can create a filter to instantly filter your eBay orders based on the Shipping Service that the buyer selected!

For example, to process eBay orders with “USPS Priority Mail Express” shipping first, you can create a filter to show only these shipping services:

filter eBay orders by shipping service with 3Dsellers eBay selling tools

Pro tip: you can combine as many filters as you need!

Then, save your filter to use it later:

save custom eBay orders filters with 3Dsellers eBay selling tools

After filtering your eBay orders, you can take action on 3Dsellers to process orders, including:

  • export the eBay orders to CSV,
  • bulk mark as shipped,
  • send bulk messages,
  • and more.

NEW: Find and Replace SKU

Are there letters or words in your eBay SKUs that need to be changed?

Now you can use 3Dsellers’ eBay Listings Manager to bulk-update eBay listing SKUs!

Let’s say you have multiple listings with DOG_TOY_BALL_ in each SKU:


But you want to simplify DOG_TOY_BALL_ to “DTB_


To do this, simply select all of your listings and choose Find & Replace option from the bulk actions menu:

selecting Find and Replace from the Bulk Actions menu in 3Dsellers eBay selling tool, Listings Manager/software

Then, in the pop-up:

  • enter the part of the SKU to change in the Find field,
  • and the new part of the SKU in the Replace With field,
  • and select the Find in SKU option:
3Dsellers eBay Listings Manager’s Find & Replace eBay listing data pop-up window

Have more new feature ideas for 3Dsellers?

Click here to request and vote for your favorites! We’re always adding new features for your eBay selling business!!

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