Many mini-updates to the eBay Listings Manager, Designer, and Customer Service tool!🤩


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Great news! We’ve implemented your ideas into many new features (as always!) to improve your eBay business! Today’s update highlights new abilities in three of our most popular eBay tools: eBay Listings Manager, Listing Designer, and the eBay Customer Service tool. 😃

Thank you so much for all your contributions! We’d love it if you click here to vote and make requests for the features your business needs. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

📰 Listings Manager Updates

3Dsellers eBay Listings Manager continues to be one of our most valued eBay tools. It’s our mission to make sure you have all the abilities you need to bulk-manage your listings without spending too much time editing, searching, or analyzing eBay listings.

SEO Mobile Description Template

Now you can conform all your eBay mobile descriptions to a similar format with Mobile Description Templates! Additionally, you can include the item’s title automatically with the {title} dynamic field.

For example, you wanted to have the same personalized message for all of your eBay mobile descriptions, but with the title at the end:

Smartphone with eBay mobile description template preview example
New to eBay SEO? Click here!

You can create an eBay Mobile Description Template on the eBay Listings Manager’s Settings page:

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay listing software eBay Mobile Description Templates setting

Then, apply the template with the SEO Edit feature in the Bulk Actions menu:

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay listing software apply eBay Mobile Description Template window

Want to see more steps? Click here to see a full walkthrough of using eBay SEO Mobile Description Templates.

Remove Mobile Descriptions

If you need to start fresh and clear your listings of all custom eBay mobile descriptions, you can remove them with the SEO Edit feature in the Bulk Actions menu:

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay listings manager window to remove eBay Mobile Descriptions from eBay Listings

New search methods for eBay listing Title

Need to find an eBay item but don’t know the exact title? Now you can search by words

  • in any order by separating the words with commas,
  • or just some words by separating with commas and wrapping with brackets:
Screenshot of 3Dsellers ultimate eBay software’s help center article about eBay Title search syntax
Click here to view this article

Inventory Overview Filters

To help find and solve Inventory Control quantity issues fast, Inventory Overview now includes filters for Stock Changes History:

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay listing software Inventory Overview page with Filters highlighted

This feature is helpful if certain items fail to update and the error from eBay isn’t helpful. Instead of guessing, you or a teammate can filter Inventory Control updates by order and item details to help find any similarities between certain eBay listings and orders that could be causing the issue.

Hit Counter (get the correct Views stats on 3Dsellers)

Problem solved: eBay’s API may sometimes not send us the correct view count for some of your listings. If this happens, you can now add a hidden “hit counter” to your listings to make sure 3Dsellers sees the correct view count.

Depending on how you published a listing, eBay may or may not have included a hit counter in the listing description. If you haven’t heard of eBay’s “hit counter,” not to worry, it’s a simple legacy feature for eBay that tracks eBay views in your description.

To make sure all of your eBay listings have a Hit Counter, choose Set Hit Counter from the Bulk Action menu to open a window and apply:

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay listing software “add hit counter” feature window to apply “hit counter” to eBay listings

Also, you can have 3Dsellers apply a hit counter to all new listings by visiting Listing Manager’s Settings page and enabling this option:

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay listing software setting to add a hit counter to new eBay listings automatically

🎫 Customer Service Updates

Our most heavily used tool, Customer Service, empowers teams worldwide to resolve eBay customer inquiries in record time. To help make your flow even quicker, we’ve installed two new features to improve the efficiency of how you manage Customer Service tickets.

Mention all of your team at once

Need to make a note to all of your teammates at once? Just type “@team” in a note, and everyone who has permissions to Customer Service will be notified.

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay Customer Service Helpdesk software with @team mention tag

Mentioning your entire team may come in handy if you need to alert everyone about a particular conversation or buyer, ask if anyone has more info on a matter, or get input from your associates.

Email conversations are combined by subject

Previously, most incoming email messages would open a new ticket. Now, any incoming email with the same email subject (and sender) merges with the previous conversation (instead of opening a brand new ticket).

📝 Listing Designer Updates

The eBay Listing Designer has boosted countless dollars in eBay sales for years on end. After hearing your recent requests, we’ve added two small editing capabilities to oil the hinges and make your designing experience a little easier:

Delete Videos

To help keep your workspace organized, your Video Library window now includes a delete button for videos!

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay Listing Designer video window with arrow pointing to a “delete” button

Find and Replace for Custom HTML Template editor

The Custom HTML eBay Template Editor now includes a Find and Replace feature to help you make the changes needed to import and edit your templates.

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay Listing Designer’s Custom HTML Editor highlighting the Find and Replace feature

Have more new feature ideas for 3Dsellers?

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