The eBay Fee Calculator Just Got Insanely Better in 2021

Why is it important to pay attention to eBay item pricing?

Is it hard to calculate eBay fees and selling prices?

Pricing eBay listings based on the price you paid for an item + the cost of shipping is relatively easy for most eBay sellers.

Screenshot of eBay’s selling fees page on
  • eBay final value fees,
  • different categories,
  • listing upgrades,
  • shipping,
  • eBay Promotion,
  • seller status,
  • eBay Store Subscription,
  • and more.

So just use an eBay calculator, right?

People discussing question about eBay fees and price with a calclulator background

How to make calculating eBay fees easy with the right calculator:

Man in white robe on beach with text that says “eBay fees made easy”
Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay Fee Calculator results chart
Click here to use the eBay Fee Calculator

How accurate is this eBay Fee Calculator?

The 3Dsellers eBay Fee Calculator dynamically calculates fees (and much more) based on your settings. It even considering maximum eBay Final Value Fees and various fee increases or discounts involved with specific setting combinations. 🎯

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay Fees Calculator listing settings and eBay account settings

3Dsellers eBay Fee Calculator does more than just calculate eBay fees.

Included in this supercharged calculator are three powerful ways to calculate a selling price for listings, get insight into eBay fees, and even research competitors.

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay Fees Calculator’s calculation methods and options

1 — Calculate a selling price

When the “Calculate my selling price” option is enabled, you can enter the profit you want in the Desired Profit setting. Choose between a margin or fixed amount that you want to collect from the sale.

Screenshot of 3Dsellers eBay Fees Calculator’s “calculate my selling price” option button
3Dsellers eBay Fees Calculator’s Desired Profit setting

2 — Set your own selling price

Already know the price that you need to sell the item for?

3Dsellers eBay Fee Calculator’s “set my own selling price” option
3Dsellers eBay Fee Calculator’s “selling price” and “item cost” settings

3 —Search Item ID

Use the “Search Item ID” setting to find the price of any listing on eBay and calculate the eBay fees for selling the same item.

3Dsellers eBay Fee Calculator’s “search eBay item ID” option
3Dsellers eBay Fee Calculator’s “search eBay item ID” setting and result
  • Search the Item ID of the competitor’s listing.
  • Then enter your own listing settings.
  • Lastly, enter your supplier’s price for the item in the “Item Cost” field.

BONUS: eBay Break Even Price

When using the Item Cost setting, a display of a Break Even Price for eBay will appear.

3Dsellers eBay Fee Calculator’s “break even price” for eBay display


If you’ve used our eBay calculator before, you can see that we have made big updates to this calculator for 2021. This free eBay selling tool is used by thousands of eBay sellers and is utilized on a daily basis. We know we are contributing greatly to the eBay selling community from the great feedback we’ve received so far and are continually improving its abilities for your business.



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