New Time-Saving Filters for Managing eBay Orders and Listings! 🚀🎉

Thank you once again for all the great feedback! We‘ve heard your requests and released new filters for eBay orders (and eBay items) to help you and your team find the listings and transactions you need fast!

Multiple Items — Orders Filter

Each order in the Orders Manager is a transaction for one item. If there are multiple items in one order, they will appear as separate rows in your orders table.

Now, you can view only orders where the buyer purchased multiple items with the Multiple Items filter.

This is a great way to check for items that can be shipped together and add tracking for multiple transactions when shipped in the same package.

Screenshot of eBay Orders Manager and Multiple Items filter from 3Dsellers

Filter by Shipping Service — Orders Filter

When a buyer chooses a fast shipping service, we know that processing these eBay orders is a priority in your workflow. Not only is shipping these orders quickly how you gain repeat buyers, a good reputation, and get your items shipped out of time, all of these benefits also contribute to your eBay seller level! Ship the most important orders first to continually boost your eBay business.

To help you achieve this at a fast pace, you can now create filters in the Orders Manager to show orders based on the Shipping Service that the buyer selected (or that is set to be used for the ordered item).

Screenshot of eBay Orders Manager and Shipping Service filter from 3Dsellers

Filter by SEO — Listings Filter

Don’t remember which items have eBay SEO applied? Not to worry! With the Listings Manager, you can now filter listings that do not (or do) have SEO!

This makes it a breeze to know which eBay listings still need to be SEO optimized, allowing you to stay organized without the guesswork.

Screenshot of eBay Listings Manager and eBay SEO filter from 3Dsellers
What eBay SEO? How it can help get your eBay items seen? Check out this quick article and video to learn more about eBay SEO.

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