New [Highly Requested] eBay Selling Tool Features for 3Dsellers! 💲🚀


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Thank you so much for all the wonderful suggestions to make 3Dsellers a better place to manage your business! We’ve added a few highly-requested features to 3Dsellers, plus a few noteworthy, useful additions to help increase your eBay sales and simplify your workflows.

eBay Promotion Settings

We are officially connected to the eBay Promotions portion of eBay Marketing API!

Now you can increase sales volume by having eBay advertise your items for you! eBay Promotions will help gain you more visitors from eBay Search, Google Shopping Results, and more, creating more traffic and driving more sales.

Use 3Dsellers listing editor and Bulk Actions to set eBay Promotions and assign Campaigns to your listings! Learn more

Screenshot of eBay software with bulk edit eBay promotions option highlighted.

Automatic Cross Promotion in Classic Templates

Our automatic eBay cross-promotion for Listing Designer is now available for templates labeled “classic!”

Now you can boost sales by staying ahead of the competition’s ads with our Classic eBay Listing Designer templates!

Use the new “Featured Items” button to automatically feature items in the same category as the eBay listing with the design. Learn more

Find the new setting at the top of the template editor:

Screenshot of software to automatically cross-promote eBay listings by category

Automatic eBay cross-promotion for Classic Listing Designer templates will affect all featured item areas on the template.

Listing Tags in Orders Manager (Picklists and Purchase Orders)

You may find this update especially useful if you’re using Tags to label listings with a warehouse picking location or supplier info!

Now, you can easily view Listing Tags in more places when processing orders.

  • View Listing Tags in the order details pop up:
Screenshot of eBay software showing order details with Listing Tags highlighted
  • And when downloading an orders CSV:
Screenshot of eBay software menu option to download eBay orders as a CSV file

New Dynamic Field: Shipping Carrier Phone Number

Use the new {carrier_phone} dynamic field to automatically include the shipping courier’s phone number in a message to buyers. This info can help decrease item shipping inquiries and ensure the buyer you are a knowledgeable, helpful seller.

The new {carrier_phone} field is available for:

  • Feedback Reminder
  • Auto Messages
  • Helpdesk Templates
  • and Shipping Tracker
Screenshot of eBay Software message text input with a highlighted placeholder field to inset a shipping carrier phone number into the message.

Feedback Received Chart Statistics

In addition to the “Reminders Sent” chart statistics on the eBay Feedback Reminder Overview page, we’ve included daily statistics for the feedback you’ve received!

Click the Feedback Received option at the top of the Feedback Reminder Overview chart to view your progress on receiving more eBay feedback:

Screenshot of eBay software showing statistics of sent messages to remind eBay buyers for feedback.

Have an idea for a 3Dsellers feature?

Click here to request and vote for your favorites! We’re always adding new features for your online selling business.

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