Free Email Message Templates 📧 for eCommerce (optimized for 3Dsellers’ Automatic Messaging Tools)

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We know the importance of how the “tone of voice” of an eCommerce message can affect a buyer’s opinion of your business and brand persona.

So, we want to give your business easy access to various message texts and writing styles to use for your niche, helping to boost your brand recognition and encourage more repeat buyers!

Now, below each message template editor, we’ve included a new Get Free Email Templates button :

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The button will open a new tab on with pre-made message templates that you can customize in bulk and copy in one click:

Screenshot of free eCommerce email template editor and selector with placeholders, snippets, and click to copy features.
Edit message templates directly on screen, use snippets, and more!

Bonus: The {placeholders} in each template are 3Dsellers dynamic fields, ready to copy directly to 3Dsellers! (Use in Auto Messages, Auto Responder, Feedback Reminder, Shipping Tracker, or any other messaging tool or feature on 3Dsellers selling software platform!)

Or, visit our free email templates page now to find an eCommerce email template for every situation and customize them to give the right experience for your brand!

Screenshot of free email templates website page with buttons to select a sales event or situation for the email message text.

Why do we provide you with so many eCommerce sales email templates?

This excerpt from our article on how to boost eBay sales best explains the importance of different messages for different eCommerce niches with a few examples:

Writing good messages for your brand requires that you capture the attitude of your niche.

For example,

→ If you sell plush dolls and colorful gifts to families, your customers may want to see a lot of bubbly writing in your messages to add to the experience.

→ If you sell car parts to mechanics, your busy clients may want to see a short message that only takes a few seconds to read.

→ If you are a mom-and-pop shop just branching out, you may write with a home-style approach to help acquire love from your audience and request more reviews.

→ If selling high-profile items, you may tame your messages to dry minimums with advanced linguistics to exhibit extraordinary confidence as the seller.

Place yourself in the shoes of your buyers when you write, and everything should work out great.

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