3Dsellers 4.1 — [Big eBay Feature Update] eBay Catalog, Car Compatibility, Business Policies, Image Hosting ++

Build Your eBay Business With Better eBay Software

3Dsellers releases big new eBay listing tool features to boost eBay sales and listing rank while optimizing workflows

Developed with pride [from your stellar feedback 🤝] 3Dsellers has unleashed resources from the new system to power new eBay listing tool features (including eBay Catalog, Car Compatibility, Business Policies, and Product Image Hosting!), creating a better workspace for managing listings and boosting your eBay sales. 🚀 Check out the quick details and get the documentation!

Four highly-anticipated releases:

  • 📃 NEW: eBay Catalog
  • 📃 NEW: eBay Motors Car Compatibility
  • 📃 NEW: eBay Business Policies Manager
  • 📃 NEW: Product Image Hosting

Updated features to boost your workflows:

  • 📃 Updated: Find & Replace — Item Specifics Name
  • Updated: CSV Import with URL
  • Updated: International Visibility
  • Updated: eBay Promotion Campaigns Column

eBay Catalog — Automatically Fill Item Details

Use 3Dsellers Listings Manager to publish eBay listings faster and rank higher in Google & eBay product searches with eBay Catalog!

3Dsellers eBay Catalog Item Selection & Prefill Window in the eBay Listings Manager

Feature walkthrough → 📃

Bonus: 3Dsellers eBay Catalog feature can automatically fill item details and car compatibility directly from eBay. How?

eBay Motors — Car Compatibility

Create an efficient workflow with eBay Motors parts compatibility integration to effortlessly add and remove vehicles from your compatibility lists!

What’s more, you can copy eBay Motors compatibility lists from any other eBay listing!

Adding Car Compatibility to eBay Motors Listings with 3Dsellers Listings Manager

Feature walkthrough → 📃

Bonus: We even included duplicate-vehicle prevention! Learn more

eBay Business Policies — Editor and Manager

Create and manage eBay Business Policies for every eBay site you have active on 3Dsellers. Customize eBay policies, apply rate tables to shipping policies, and more!

Create, edit, and delete eBay Business Policies with 3Dsellers eBay Listings Manager

Feature walkthrough → 📃

Bonus: Use eBay Business policies to save time publishing and updating eBay shipping methods in bulk! Learn how!

Product Image Hosting!

Now, you can automatically backup your eBay listing product images with 3Dsellers and use them with other listings!

Do you upload or bulk update eBay listings with CSV files? Customize your image host before uploading! See how

eBay Listings Manager’s  Search 3Dsellers Hosted eBay Product Photos Uploads Feature

Feature walkthrough → 📃

Bonus: Want to skip 3Dsellers and upload to eBay? No problem! We left this ability open, including using image URLs from your image host. Learn how

Updated: Find & Replace — Item Specifics Update

Use eBay Bulk Actions to find eBay Item Specifics’ names and values and replace them with different text. Learn more

We’ve also organized your F&R options:

eBay Find and Replace Feature to Bulk Edit Titles, Description HTML, SKUs, and Item Specifics with 3Dsellers’ eBay Listings Manager

Feature walkthrough → 📃

Bonus: we’ve updated our Find and Replace documentation to cover more features and abilities.

Updated: CSV Import with URL

Now you can upload live CSV files from your supplier or warehouse! When importing or bulk editing eBay listings with a CSV, choose the Upload Via URL button to enter a link to the live CSV!

Upload CSV with a live URL from a supplier or warehouse to 3Dsellers eBay Listings Manager

Use any URL that links directly to a plain CSV to import the data, quick-map the fields, and work faster.

Updated: eBay Promotion Campaigns Column

If you have applied eBay Promotions to any of your listings, the Campaigns column will be available to sort your listings by promotions! Learn more

Sort eBay Listings by the active eBay Promotions Campaign that is assigned to the item.

eBay Promotions are a great way of creating volumes of sales. Leverage or increase your profit margins and apply eBay Promotion Campaigns to boost sales during seasonal sales and flash sellout events! Learn how

Updated: International Visibility

When editing an eBay listing, navigate to → Policies to set International site visibility to specify which international sites where the listing will be displayed. This feature will automatically populate if your eBay account qualifies.

Select which International eBay Sites a listing may be viewed from.

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